Making money on facebook How to do this?

  1. I hear all the time that people are making money on facebook but i dont know how. Can anyone give me some good tips or advice on how to make money on facebook?

    Answer by Melody Smith
    Advertisement of any kind…

  2. I`m starting a youtube channel soon(: I was wondering how many subscribers you need before you start making money? And how much money do you make with that many subscribers?

    Answer by Nicholas
    you need to have so many subscribers to firstly become a partner, which i dont know edsctly i think Youtube decides, but when it comes to revenue from videos you posts it depends more on amount of views per view and clicks on the advertisments

  3. Is there such there as making money by just having someone visit your website through a search engine or typing it in the address bar?

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    Or do I need to put ads on it? How exactly do I make money through Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and all these networking sites?

    Thank you in advance.

    Answer by Herman

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