Is there a game for the Nintendo DS that is like the PC game Puzzle Inlay?

  1. I got my mom a DS for xmas last year, and was looking for games for xmas this year. She loves the computer game Puzzle Inlay, and also the game Alchemy. Are there any games out there for the DS that are like those two PC games? Thanks in advance.

    Answer by Omaha
    I havent seen any. But Ill keep my eye out for you.

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  2. NOT A PUZZLE VIDEO GAME! In adventure and action-adventure games, what are some of your favorite puzzles. Maybe they were real AHA! moments, or they were really different, or whatever!
    Ill also accept a link to a site (Top 10 Video Game Puzzles?).

    Answer by LiL Spidey
    Resident Evil 5 the mirror puzzle spent about and hour on that one part

  3. Basically i am doing a project in which I am to design games which will help a autistic boy aged 10 learn certain topics. It could be a counting game, puzzle etc.

    Answer by mtnglo

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