How do you clean a sticky/powdery boot lining?

  1. Inside the vintage boots, the lining has gotten sticky and powdery making it difficult to put on. Is there any remedy for this? What products can be used without damaging the leather on the outside of the boot?

    Answer by (:TayLee:)
    Try wiping them out with a baby wipe or similar item.:)

  2. I just bought a pair of used, vintage boots. I love them, except the leather part of the sole was falling apart and only half there, so I took it out. Im looking for something under 10$ preferably. I dont need anything fancy, just something that would make the bottom of my boots more comfy. Anyone know any good brands or stores I can get this type of thing at? Thank you!

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    Answer by ClicketyClack
    Dr. Scholls sells all different kinds of insoles, available in big stores like Walmart (ususally near the pharmacy area) or in drugstores. Most of them are under $ 10. Good luck!! : }

  3. I love Victorian inspired shoes — especially lace-up boots! I was on Haight St (place in SF that has amazing vintage consignment stores), and saw a ton of these kind of shoes. So, basically, where can I find awesome vintage-y boots online?

    Answer by Lauren
    I have the same style, and have been going to boutiques, swap meets and searching online for years now.

    swap meets are usually your best bet(Rosebowl in Pasadena,CA every 2nd sunday of the month) but im assuming you dont live close enough.

    online : 1.)california vintage collection ( found them on myspace a while back)
    2.)Noirohio vintage
    3.) = this site is awesome, has anything you could ever want. homemade jewelery, vintage boots, clothing, everything! just type in what youre looking for.
    Its an online site thats composed of all types of creative artsy people that are trying to start up a business, or just enjoy selling a few of their creations.
    Also has vintage stuff, etc.

    4.)And of course, EBAY!!!

    goodluck, if youre ever in southern cali
    definetly go to melrose ave. and visit wasteland, slow, and buffalo exchange on fairfax Ave.
    tons of boots!

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