FabSecure, the Worlds First Copyright Solution for 3D Printing with Secure Streaming of 3D Models Goes Live

FabuloniaTM, the inventor of patent-pending secure 3D streaming technology has launched a live cloud 3D printing platform called FabSecure.

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(PRWEB) September 02, 2013

FabSecure is a licenseable one-stop-solution for monetizing original designs in 3D printing.

At the Mobile World Congress 2013 in February, a startup called Fabulonia demonstrated streaming of 3D designs from Germany to a 3D printer in Barcelona, Spain. It was one of the two showcases at the event using 3D printing, the other being that of Nokia and Makerbot Industries. Fabulonias showcase attracted large crowds of visitors, some calling it the Spotify for 3D designs.

FabSecure is the result of over a years work by a team of software and hardware engineers and cyber security experts at Fabulonia. The focus of the team has been on building a robust, secure business platform for the 3D printing era. The FabSecure platform is ready, available immediately, and licensing negotiations with global, branded enterprises are ongoing.

So what is unique about FabSecure and what does it promise for 3D printing?

One of the strengths of Fabulonias integrated software and hardware approach is that it enables enterprises to start an end-to-end secure 3D printing business, from stores to 3D printers, with one platform supplier. And thanks to Fabulonias patent-pending secure 3D streaming, originals are not exposed to exploitation.

Fabulonia provides the whole 3D printing business solution for storing, licensing, distributing and selling 3D designs online and streaming them to a 3D printer. It turns 3D originals into new revenue streams, using FabSecure streaming servers, and embedded 3D printer security software. explains Kimmo Isbj

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