Can you recommend any good website design software?

  1. I am lookin for a really good website design software, preferably free.

    Answer by You can call me V
    Personal Webkit – its free

  2. I am looking for good website design software. I dont care about the price and there isnt a specific type of website I will be making. I just want to make them for fun.

    Answer by Foi Designs
    The Most Popular CMS platform currently is wordpress. You will need to buy hosting but can find for a few dollars a month.

    If you would like more of a drag and drop type design you can look into sites like or

  3. I am looking for a good website design software. I hope to create a website for buying and selling items so it will require usernames, etc and will operate a bit like a forum. Is there a good software thats not overly simple (no function) but that doesnt require me to know HTML coding or anything. Preferably not web based and must be mac compatible.

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    Answer by William O
    Adobe Dreamweaver….

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