Can the material used for aircraft tires be used for regular car tires?

  1. Aircraft tires can carry heavy loads at tremendous speeds, unlike the regular car tires….so is possible for the material used for aircraft tires be molded into a size of a regular car tire and be used effectively for brakes and jumping cars over high heights?

    Answer by rockfish
    it can but not affordable. car racing tires would be a more affordable choice.

  2. A car tyres pressure can be 32psi and above, but why can a bikes tyre pressure be up to 40 psi?

    Answer by Old Hippie
    Youre confusing tire (tyre) pressure with total volume of air in a tire. Car tires are a lot w-i-d-e-r than a bicycle tire too, covering up to 6 or 7 inches of space on the ground – width ways. And a LOT of bicycle tires hold way more than 40 psi. The tires on many road bikes hold 120-125 psi. Hybrid bike tires generally hold around 80-85 psi. Mountain bike tires generally hold around 40-65 psi.

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    Car tires hold up a vehicle weighing up to 4,000 lbs. And there are 4 of them. Bicycles only have 2 tires (much narrower) and take more of a load per square inch than car tires do. Key words being “per square inch”. Comparison: Take 4 car tires at 6″ wide apiece – each tire holding 35 psi and the car weighs 3,000 lbs. 4 X 35 psi = 140 divided by 3,000 = ,04666. Now take a mountain bike with 2 tires. 2 x 65 psi per tire = 130 divided by say 200 lbs. = ,65. The bicycle tire has to hold a LOT more weight “per square inch” than a car tire.

    Got it now?

  3. Id like to purchase a cylinder of nitrogen for my car tyres, but I dont want an enormous industrial one. Is there a place where you can buy small-ish tanks, or refill your own tank if you have one?

    Answer by Dikslinger
    Not sure if Nitrogen is available to the public. But your best bet is call your local specialty gas supply company and see if they can supply it. May just be cheaper to go to a local shop and have them fill it. You shouldnt have to fill your tires as often as you do with regular because Nitrogen doesnt heat up and expand or shrink when its cold. Good Luck.

  4. Im sorry if this seems like a stupid question. Ive been told that I have to let air out of my car tyres, but I dont know how to do it.

    Answer by August Moon
    Find the valve stem near the rim of the tyre… remove the plastic cap… take a screwdriver and insert it into the middle of the valve stem. Woooosh! Air comes out.

  5. My car tires are starting to get worn down on the top part of the tire facing the car. It only does this to the back wheels.. One of my friends said it could be the lower control arm bushings (no idea what the is). Does this sound right? What else could cause this?

    Answer by ladystang
    bad alignment
    wear of different car parts
    take in and have a tire person talk to you

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