British Seagull 2-stroke boat engine.How do I find out what model I have only number I can find is FPL479BO?

  1. can any body help. Been on a few sites on the web but having no joy and I know nothing about boat engines.

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    Answer by Papa
    check this website:

    Youll find this stuff:

    Ordering British Seagull Parts Phone: +44 (0)1491 652755

    Contact Us

    British Seagull
    Sheridan Boatyard
    OX10 9HU

    Telephone & Fax:
    Telephone: +44 (0)1491652755
    Fax: +44 (0)1491652990

    Please remember to always quote your complete engine number.
    General Hours of Opening
    Summer Months: (Everyday except Friday) – 9.30am – 5pm

    Winter Months: (Monday – Friday) 9.30am – 5pm
    Summer Months = Mid March – End October


    To order parts for your engine please contact us by telephone, fax, email or letter. Please remember to always quote your complete engine number; this can usually be found on the crankcase just above the drive shaft casing tube and should consist of letters and numbers. Asking for parts for an old Seagull is just not on!

    picture of where number is located is at:

    There are over 40 types of old Seagull – the Owners Spares Books will help you to identify the parts you may require.

  2. What all is entailed to get the salt water out of my boat engine, and how much could it end up costing me?

    Answer by bullibe
    After the cause is found and corrected, I would say a couple of oil and filter changes should do it.

  3. I am putting my boat and car up for storage for the next 8 months. I can buy ethanol free gas for my 5 liter boat engine, but I can only buy E-10 gas at the pump for my car. I have heard E-10 will not affect an auto engine, deteriorating rubber gasket or seal components, but I hear it eats at the seals and gaskets in a marine engine. What is the truth?

    Answer by kelly_f_1999
    type into search box
    how to store car
    how to store boat
    wil get you info on what you should do fuel should be drain or a fuel treatment added id drain it and run it til it stops ethanol fuels have always been a pain but its been a round 20 yrs or more anything under 10 they dont have to list but its been a round long time back in the 80s they started using it most places here is just one link

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